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Site 51 - Barlings Beach Holiday Park

Rosedale, New South Wales
Well appointed and styled, this home away from home is poised to enjoy the perfect beach lifestyle.
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 0 Bathroom
  • Pet Friendly
  • Located in Barlings Beach Holiday Park
List Cost: $22,000


Phone: 0491054420

Centrally poised right next to an amenity block and laundry, this cabin is the perfect walk in walk out sale with all the hard work having been done.

Updated throughout, the retro furnishings match the theme of the natural surrounding landscapes. The dwelling is fully air conditioned and comprises a functional kitchen, generous living space, main bedroom, dining area/2nd bedroom area, main bedroom as well as a bunk available in the living space.

Site 51 - Barlings Beach Holiday Park

  • 2 Bedroom
  • 0 Bathroom
  • Pet Friendly
  • Located in Barlings Beach Holiday Park

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